Saturday, March 14, 2009

Inspired by Coco

Why don't you...

make like Pammy and forget your pants, but remember your hat?

Recreate a different Fall 09 runway look for a whole week. Bunny ears anyone?

Have a mimosa with your morning oatmeal?

Go to the airport in something Victoria Beckham would wear (sunglasses? Check. Louboutins? Check. Thunderbirds hat? Check.)

Go a whole day without saying the R word (as in recession) we could all use a break--and for that matter eliminate global economy, financial crisis, and debt.

Find the oldest thing in your closet and wear it in a new way?

Enlist a friend to follow you with a camera for a day, paparazzi style?

Wear hooker heels to the supermarket?


THE BAT said...

i love this.

sarah said...

really like this post, good stuff!

clairegrenade said...

this post is AMAZING

love your commentary :D